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Sea shipment as the most economic kind of cargo carriage in the world is important to estimate the exact time of starting responsibility from inception to the end.Regarding the Hague Convention, loading cargo in point A starts when forks of crane pick up the cargo (which belongs to the consignee) and the final responsibility is the time tackle discharges the load in point B or destination by its forks, in which it has been known as TACKLE TO TACKLE.Carrier’s responsibilities increases after completing details in Hamburg Convention, in this regard carrier or the maritime line is responsible until delivering goods to the consignee at destination.in this convention delivering cargo has been used instead of discharge cargo.Discharge cargo is a physical action, however, it has a legal and juridical role In addition to being physical.in the second level Rotterdam convention corrects Homburg Convention’s defects for instance, not only the consignee person but the Bank, official organizations and notify person can receive the load.

In conclusion, the costume is a legal authority which is obliged to receive cargo in the destination. Furthermore is in cooperation from discharge until delivering it to the consignee. However, the shipper is responsible in the case of detriment or property damages. Additionally, during the time cargo is positioned in custom in case of any detriment the custom is responsive.

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