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Custom clearance formalities

custom clearance is a long process includes set up documents and obtaining  relevant permission . clearance depends on document presentation and customs formalities .

In the cases where the owner of goods is a real person , the declaration of good is possible through him or through a  customs agent with an official power of attorney.

Clearance process is an easy operation  for some experienced company or some goods  but most the times it is a difficult part of a business.

Customs  as the first and most important entrance of trade regulations  is known in Iran and all over the word and it supervises the export and import of goods so according to this captions there are special rules for the clearance of cargo in the border of the country

Sahel Shipping Company provides all matters of clearance by expect specialstuff in clearance affairs in country customs especially  IKA  in Air freight  , Bandar Abbas , Khoramshahr  and Bushehr   in Sea carriage  and Bazargan , Bandar Anzali, Qazvin Customs and .. in Land transportation .