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Special Cargo

Special shipments is vital some times , cause it provides the companies or shipper an opportunity to apply various types of transportation potential and to facilitate on behalf of the applicant company


Sea carriage & truck from Europe. Cargo insurance. Import customs clearance. Payment of customs duties and taxes at the buyer's end. Delivery of goods to the final point of destination. Logistics and global transportation. Arrangement of shipments.

Payment of remittances and European Euro fees

Payment of freight, trade fees, remittances and Euro fees from our European agents.

Courier delivery

More than 15 years of experience in the field of forwarding & shipping logistics. Working as a chain company with A.G CARGO (China), Shining Sun Co (UAE) & Aavagyan Cargo in Italy.

Remittance and transfer to Chinese Rmb

Remittance and transfer of Chinese Rmb to Chinese sellers and factories on behalf of our Chinese representative within 10 to 12 working hours.

Sahel Shipping

Our Comony Goals

We present logistic services to aim high speed and lowest price from the right place to the right destination at the right time. Also supplying, scheduling, project management, purchase order such as raw material are our services.


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Providing freight rates for your commercial goods in the shortest time

Sahel Shipping Company will proudly provide you with the freight rate of your commercial goods as soon as possible.