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Vienna /Austria

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Dubai / UAE


Fara Sahel

Fara Sahel Tadbir Miami has been operating as a forwarding and shipping company in Iran and Dubai for more than 2 decades.

It started operating in the UAE under the name of Shining Sun and now continues its activity in Iran under the name of Fara Sahel Tadbir Miami Company.

Fara Sahel can provide services and advice in the field of cargo transportation (sea, air, land) from all parts of the world to Iran and vice versa by using expert forces and experienced staff.

Also, due to the specialized handling of all customs matters, the presence of experienced shipping and forwarding companies in different parts of the world and Chinese ports as partners and representatives provides significant assistance in the speed of transportation and movement of customers’ goods.

Especially in the field of obtaining order registration, commercial card and clearance operations at customs entry points such as Bandar Abbas, Bazargan, Imam Khomeini Airport and also providing export license services for respected exporters in the form of sea container or full truck land or air transportation. From the origin of Imam Khomeini Airport to Europe and the United Arab Emirates, it can provide a positive and important role in improving and accelerating the activities of importers and exporters.