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Advantages of sea carriage

According to statistics, we can say most of the cargo are transport by sea and one of the most common types of international shipping methods.

 Half of the earth is covered by seas and oceans almost the majority countries all over the world have access to the open waters and seas .

Iran has access to one of the important waterways in the world, there is a large amount of the country’s are exported through this route , while the Caspian Sea’s is also a very suitable communication route for communication and export of cargo to Eurasian countries.

The most important advantages of sea transport are:

  • Export cargo to all over the world by sea
  • The best method for long distances over land
  • The cheaper than air way transportation (Owners and commercial companies prefer to ship their goods over open waters and most trade and transportations done by seas and open waters )
  • Export cargo in different size and scale (in open waters relatively heavy shipments of up to 200,000 to 500,000 tones transported by one ship from port to port )
  • Fix fare rates (because fare rates set by the large shipping companies and are almost a fixed rate that everyone is required to follow, But free shipping is set by agreement between The owner the goods and shipping companies )
  • Use the containers : the sent goods are reached safe in containars to target country.

Almost 90 percent of world goods transport by sea routs. This method is so safe and all of goods transport with highest global standards .

It’s better to consult the Sahel shipping for before sending the cargo to be informed with important terms so that you do not suffer any damage concluding a contarct with different countries.