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Corona virus

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Due to the epidemic  of Corona virus in lots of countries we are witness to many effects on different industries ; now we want to consider some effects of Corona virus on transportation industry.

  • Price increase : disinfection costs ,checking work environment and human source to prevent the spread of corona virus . also quarantine  and closing borders , are some items cause increasing on prices . another big effect of this virus is public fear of corona that has decreased shipping demands
  • Lack of production : lower human source cause lower productions for lots of industries . due to the production staff’s quarantine , production speed has decreased and production inventories are lower than ever . it should be noted that the dry bulk cargo market has been severely affected by this virus so that production has stopped in cities getting infected by the virus .
  • Delay : shipments are checked for corona virus infection and ports safety has been maximized , this combined with a reduction in labor and a reduction in factory out put, means unavoidable delays. Also by affecting on land transportation, it has caused problems for traders and producers by imposing restrictions on loading and truck traffic and transferring currency.